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Your Goal: Zero Accidents
The 'zero-accident' goal at work is a major challenge for many companies where machines/pedestrian coactivity results in a high risk of collisions.
Collisions between Excavators and Pedestrians: A Daily Risk
Collision-related work injuries (1)
Fatal accidents occurred during construction operations from 2011 to 2015 due to collision with a vehicle (2)
Fatalities due to collision with a moving vehicle (3)
Direct coasts per death (4)
(1) Source: in France - INRS in 2011 (2) Source: in the USA - CPWR - (3) Source: in Great Britain - RIDDOR 2017/2018 - (4) Source: National Safety Council in the USA
“80% of all injuries, in all industries, are due to human error.”
Dr Sabrina Cohen-Sutton
Fire Chief
West Sussex Fire and Rescue Services
your Machine
Blaxtair can be adapted to all brands, sizes and types of excavators, whether they are wheeled or tracked.
Wheel excavators
Wheel excavators
Tracked excavators
Tracked excavators
Benefits of
Blaxtair is a driving assistance system that improves pedestrian safety. It prevents accidents by instantly alerting the driver to the presence of a person near the excavator. Workers operating on foot therefore remain safe. The driver can confidently work more calmly, concentrate on their job and remain productive.
Enhanced pedestrian safety
Robust deisgn
Easy to install
Increased productivity